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MC Baccarat (Jon Eric)
Jon Eric (MC Baccarat) should not be rapping. That, of course, doesn't stop him, and this fact seals his place as a founding member of the Frontalittle Squad! He has rapped in every song, mixed once, and said "What the fuck?" too many times to count. Check out his "normal" music at his website.

Bluepressor (blue)
Bio coming soon

Def Author (Glenn Case)
Glenn first started writing raps around 1987. He came up with the name "The Def Author" around 1991, and made a couple of cassettes for himself, "Symbol of Fly" and "Pencil 2 Paper," which were both horrible. "In the mind of the author" from around 1994 was only marginally better, and "#3 on the phone" (2000) was still somewhat of a disasterpiece, but much improved. People seem to think that he can rap and make decent beats now. He has been rumored to have been involved in the making of another 2000 hip-hop disasterpiece credited to "MC Buttwipe and DJ TP Roll" called "2 Ply."

Doctor Worm (john m)
multi-instrumental indie rocker. songfight veteran. future legend.

A guitarist, singer, bassist, and now rapper for the FAL squad. The so-called prettyboy of FAL, and one of the original members.

In the beginning, there was nothing but a lot of energy. Something cause this energy to turn into big swirling clouds of hot gases which eventually coalesced into the matter of the known universe. A small amount of that eventually became fluffy.

Bio coming soon

Bio coming soon

J Mase
J Mase started out as the typical "White boy with no rhythm or rapping skills", and has improved over time. Glenn dragged him into the Frontalittle Squad, and some other side projects of his from time to time. Mase has no ambition to do much of anything musical, but normally does when Glenn asks anyway because he is cool like that.

Bio coming Soon

M Killy (Marcus Kellis)
M. Killy is a hip cat from Idaho who occasionally guests on FAL tracks. He's tall and handsome.

Monorail RT
Bio coming soon

Bio coming soon

Captain Mumblecore (Drewtetz)
Despite the fact that he has no rapping skillz whatsoever, Mumblecore is kept on the team solely because he was 1 half of the two people that came up with the danged thing. His mumblical stylings are exclusive to the FAL squad, although he occasionally submits lyrics to be rejected by sonofsupercar. He likes scented candles, long walks on the beach, stupid bio cliches and Pokemon.

MC Poncho
The youngest member of the squad, MC Poncho was rather surprised himself to be a part of the squad, being that he had simply been a fan of them who made it his new years resolution to join the FAL. It was the first resolution he ever kept, and now is considered the greatest rapper in the squad by a majority of his ego.

p.f. diddy (prayformojo)
Mad flow leaves little time to socialize, but the social life is what p.f. diddy lives for. Whether it's lavish vacations to Tacoma or drinking Cristal right off of a PS2 controller, p.f. diddy lives large. Always packing the bling, he flashes Washington and Lincoln like Monopoly money. No price is to high for this husky youth, especially when it comes to supersizing his Mcnugget meal. And what does the future hold for this hip-hop impresario? "I dunno..." says diddy with a playah's smile, "probably lunch."

Savvy1 (Rachael Layne)
Rachael Layne (Preferabbly known on the FAL crew as Savvy1) did not having a rapping bone in her body until she met Glenn. Some would say she still doesn't, but as the token female of the FAL crew, Savvy1 using her sense of rhythm and humor to bring out the best she can for the squad.

MC Soda Culture (soda)
soda is FAL's resident webmaster. He got started by rapping in FAL's "Accelerator" in order to trick the Squad into letting him run their website. It worked.

MC Spudalot (Spud)
Bio coming soon

Bio coming soon

Somewhere beyond space and time, but just on this side of infinite awesomeosity, is where Yook lives.

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