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09 September 2014
Well well well, the Frontalittle Squad is back spitting hot rhymes about the fighting game series Tekken in the latest Songfight battle on! Make sure to go check out all the great tracks on the page and then vote for your favorites (including FAL's)!

06 December 2013
Oh my stars and garters, Frontalittle Squad is back from the dead! The new track was assembled and it felt just like old times for this not-so-young-anymore webmaster watching the coordination take place behind the scenes. Check out the new song "Art Bomb" on the Songs page and make sure to go vote for the song on as soon as it goes up!

07 September 2006
I uploaded the Penny Arcade track, which has been out for almost 3 months now, to our website. You can find it in the songs section. Sorry for the delay! Chances are you've heard it already, but if not, go listen now!

29 May 2006
The Frontalittle Squad tests your attention span by releasing a track after a year of quietude. You'll like this one, though, if you're even close to being as nerdy as we are. It's called "Saving Throw," written for a Songfight as usual. You can check the song out at the top of our songs page, but you should also go check out the other songs at Songfight. Give 'em all a listen, and vote for your favorite!

You may have noticed you were redirected to our new hosting with our own fancy domain name. The site remains essentially the same, though-- for now. We've got some other big news on the horizon, so check back soon!

27 June 2005
Hey, soda here, and I'm pleased to announce that a bunch of these jerks have actually put together another track! It only SEEMS like we're completely lazy, but in fact we've just been pestering our special guest to join us for a track since the last song we did. The new track should be on Songfight shortly, so if you're still bitter about voting in elections that don't matter maybe your choice can win in this one. If you're not into the whole democracy thing, the track is available here at the top of our very own songs page for your downloading and listening enjoyment. Big thanks to our special guest Verbose on this track!

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