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09 September 2014
Well well well, the Frontalittle Squad is back spitting hot rhymes about the fighting game series Tekken in the latest Songfight battle on! Make sure to go check out all the great tracks on the page and then vote for your favorites (including FAL's)!

06 December 2013
Oh my stars and garters, Frontalittle Squad is back from the dead! The new track was assembled and it felt just like old times for this not-so-young-anymore webmaster watching the coordination take place behind the scenes. Check out the new song "Art Bomb" on the Songs page and make sure to go vote for the song on as soon as it goes up!

07 September 2006
I uploaded the Penny Arcade track, which has been out for almost 3 months now, to our website. You can find it in the songs section. Sorry for the delay! Chances are you've heard it already, but if not, go listen now!

29 May 2006
The Frontalittle Squad tests your attention span by releasing a track after a year of quietude. You'll like this one, though, if you're even close to being as nerdy as we are. It's called "Saving Throw," written for a Songfight as usual. You can check the song out at the top of our songs page, but you should also go check out the other songs at Songfight. Give 'em all a listen, and vote for your favorite!

You may have noticed you were redirected to our new hosting with our own fancy domain name. The site remains essentially the same, though-- for now. We've got some other big news on the horizon, so check back soon!

27 June 2005
Hey, soda here, and I'm pleased to announce that a bunch of these jerks have actually put together another track! It only SEEMS like we're completely lazy, but in fact we've just been pestering our special guest to join us for a track since the last song we did. The new track should be on Songfight shortly, so if you're still bitter about voting in elections that don't matter maybe your choice can win in this one. If you're not into the whole democracy thing, the track is available here at the top of our very own songs page for your downloading and listening enjoyment. Big thanks to our special guest Verbose on this track!

31 January 2005
Another songfight win! Thanks to everyone for voting for us-- we'll try to get back to work ASAP, but maybe just a few more days of video gaming...

24 January 2005
Uh, yeah, the forums are back up. Sorry for the delay!

23 January 2005
EXTRA! EXTRA! Whereabouts of long-lost Little Fronters revealed! They tried to hide from us to get in some quality video gaming, but we managed to catch up with them and they've got a brand new track for you-- Ninja Gang! And just like a gang of ninjas, this track will be fighting on Songfight sometime tomorrow or Tuesday, so if you're still reading this you might want to head over there and if the new songs are up, give 'em a listen and choose your favorite one.

The forums may be back up soon, we'll see what happens.

23 August 2004
Frontalittle wins again! FAL's "Chainsaw" beat out Josh Woodward's "Chainsaw" by a scant ONE vote! Thanks go out to everyone who enjoyed the song enough to vote for it, and we hope to bring something new to you again soon. Keep an eye on the website.

16 August 2004
Frontalittle's back from Brazil and we've got a brand new track for you! We were so aggravated by the needless destruction of nature by evil lumberjacks that we couldn't help but enter the Songfight this week entitled "Chainsaw." So while your first destination may be our songs page for mp3s and lyrics, make sure to stop by songfight's green fight when they get the fight posted (probably late Monday or Tuesday) and have a listen to our competition! If you still like us the most, though, don't be afraid to throw a vote our way.

21 July 2004
Hey all, it's soda, straight from the very offices of the camp I'm working at this summer. Despite trying to kill me with insane kids, insaner coworkers, and a nasty bout of strep throat, I'm still alive and will be home in a week and a half. But that's not what's important! What's important is that our pal MC Baccarat has released a track in this week's red fight and I can't listen to it because I'm at camp but I bet it's really good! You should all give it a clickeroo and see what you think, and if you like it, maybe you'd go vote for it before Friday rolls around.

25 June 2004
Frontalittle Squad crashes the Song Fight Live stage! A good time was had by all. Fluffy has done a great job recording, parsing, and bootlegging the show, and you can find those rips of our set here:
Thanks to Fluffy for ripping it, JB, Moboid and Future Boy and the other people who set it up, etc.

08 June 2004
Hey, all you Space Cadets! Mumblecore here, I'll be taking care of the site for the next two months while Soda fulfills his public duty helping children at summer camp. Luckily, I just have to do these news posts and post the songs, otherwise the site might combust or something.
-Mumblecore out

01 June 2004
Surprise! The Frontalittle Squad has completed a new track with some familiar sounds to those of you who, like many of us, have been addicted to the game "Worms" at one time or another. Go check out the new song "Worms" on the songs page and come talk with us about it in the forum.

20 April 2004
Dinga Da Donga! For the first time, a Songfight song has sampled a Frontalittle track instead of the other way around. Check out Songfight's red fight to hear our pals Glenn Case and Drew Tetz (along with the help of others) singing the praises of our very own mo under the name "Dreamy Mo and the Commoners."

14 April 2004
We won! Thanks to everyone for helping Frontalittle win with a stunning 49 votes. The whole Squad is so glad to see that you appreciated the new track and we hope that we can keep entertaining you. Keep checking the site for more stuff soon!

10 April 2004
There are now clean(er) versions of a couple Frontalittle tracks, namely "Step Up" and "Accelerator," available on the songs page. Now you can show your grandparents what all the cool kids are listening to these days-- songs about pink Hondas and Dance Dance Revolution.

09 April 2004
Some of you may have noticed that the forum has ceased to work. Well, maybe none of you did. But I did, and I am looking for the cause of the breakage. It's just like a forum to decide to stop working inexplicably during the middle of the busiest two weeks of the semester, isn't it? Anyway, I'll see if I can get our precious board back up soon.
(edit: 1:55 EST) The source of the problem has been located and our awesome host here at songhole, blue, will be fixing it sometime in the near future. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
(edit: 4:01 EST) It's back up. Thanks blue!

05 April 2004
Frontalittle's back with a phat new track-- Zombie Son, which will be fighting on songfight's green fight whenever they update it (hopefully) on Monday. Make sure that once the fight is up you go listen to the songs and pick which one you think is best, but until then, you can enjoy this. Instrumental is available on the songs page, as always.

04 April 2004
Hey everybody, Evermind of the Frontalittle Squad will be performing with his band "Zero to Heaven" in the Boston area on the 16th. MC Poncho will be there, too, and there's the possibility that the two of them will horribly mutilate perform some of FAL's catalog. If you want to attend, here's the info:

All Asia Cafe
334 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
(617) 497-1544
April 16, 6-8pm

for more information, e-mail Evermind.

01 April 2004
We here at Frontalittle Inc would just like to let you all know that there will be no FAL April Fools' Day Joke here on the front page. Just be wary of any interweb "news" you view today. Stay alert! Don't be a zombie, son. --Mgmt

08 March 2004
Just in case you hadn't noticed, FAL's got a forum. Make sure to stop by and chat it up, exposing your unbridled geekery to the world. Note to famous people: We'll even keep your identity secret for a nominal fee.

21 February 2004
Hey hey, soda here with some site updates for you all. We're now a part of the Songfight Webring, so I suggest you make use of the links on the navigation bar to check out other websites run by Songfighters. You might find some awesome stuff. Also, there's now a mailing list that I may remember to update from time to time, so make sure to sign up at the bottom of this here news page to get all the latest info automatically. The songs page now sorts with the newest songs at the beginning, as a few people suggested. Last but not least, we have a fancy new roster page with info and links for everyone (well, almost everyone) who's become a part of FAL! Yowza!

18 February 2004
A hearty welcome to everyone coming in from Penny Arcade! We here of the Frontalittle Squad hope that you can find some music to enjoy. We recommend you check out and the artists' pages as linked on the roster page. Thanks for stopping by our humble site.

17 February 2004
Just an interesting quotation for y'all: It's like I am hella old batman from Dark Knight and you guys are all the guttersnipe gangsters in issue 2 or 3 who put Sons Of The Bat facepaint on and chop hands off of shoplifters! --MC Frontalot, regarding the Frontalittle Squad

14 February 2004
FAL wa ichiban desu! ...or something like that. That's right, the Frontalittle squad won the "Goodbye Monster" fight over at Songfight. A hearty "thanks" to everyone who voted for us... you keep showing support and we'll keep rapping, although some of us might not get any better. Sorry.

07 February 2004
Frontalittle's off to Japan in their latest track, "Goodbye Monster!" You can download it from our songs page... and if you want, check out the fight for the week over at's green fight and if you like ours the best, feel free to throw your vote our way! Lyrics and instrumental version coming soon.

04 February 2004
You might have noticed small changes to the site in the past week or so. While minorly cosmetic, there's a whole lot more going on behind-the-scenes that you won't notice-- just trust that we're working to make the page run more smoothly.
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please send e-mails to

28 January 2004
Everyone's favorite nerdcore underdogs got a fourth place in Songfight's Martians Are Going To Eat Us competition last week. Not a bad showing at all. To celebrate, we've got some news for you! Did you know that the Frontalittle Squad is an official Spewgrass artist? Well they are. Go check out all of the great artists affiliated with Spewgrass today! Also, instrumental versions of all of our tracks are now available on the songs page. Now you can sing along and pretend to be Starfinger, the Def Author, or even Captain Mumblecore!
We've got more surprises in store, so keep checking back.

14 January 2004
The new Frontalittle track, "Martians Are Going To Eat Us", is in this week's Songfight competition and is also available for download/lyrics-viewing on the songs page. Huzzah!

06 January 2004
The site has undergone some subtle changes, and it will be doing more of the same over the next month or so. We're still figuring out what works best. In the meantime, the lyrics pages have all been updated with corrections. Much thanks to Drewtetz, Jon Eric, and Gretchen for all of the hard work involved in getting the lyrics pages fixed. You guys rule.

31 December 2003
We asked what would make a better present than fan submissions, and our question was answered: our very first Songfight win! The Frontalittle Squad's song "Merry Christmas" won with 22 votes, blowing away most of the competition. To celebrate, we've gone ahead and uploaded the track-- it's available on the songs page. The track info and lyrics will be available soon, hopefully.
Fan submissions are still being accepted! Send 'em to me at anything we have will be posted when we stop being lazy.

14 December 2003
Christmas approaches, and what would make a better present to your favorite nerdcore squad that starts with "Frontal" and ends with "ittle" than fan things! What kind of things, you ask? Well, we'll take everything! Logos, T-shirts, tribute songs, graven images, anything! Just send it over to, post-haste! If we think it's totally rad and are not lazy, we may even post it here on the site.

28 November 2003
Happy Turkey Day! The Frontalittle Squad's "Accelerator" was quoted on the front page of Penny Arcade today, at the bottom of Tycho's first news post. We're extremely honored, as that italicized tidbit at the bottom of his posts has used such artists as MC Frontalot and the Magnetic Fields, among others, over the years. Could a link to this site be next? Well, maybe not, but we're happy nonetheless.
[EDIT 2003.12.25]: We've been informed that apparently FAL had already been mentioned on Penny Arcade twice before, on October 3 and even as far back as August 27. I guess Tycho's been a fan since the beginning! Thanks to Adjuster of the Landfills for the heads-up.

Want us to e-mail you with updates? We can do that.

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