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06 January 2004
The site has undergone some subtle changes, and it will be doing more of the same over the next month or so. We're still figuring out what works best. In the meantime, the lyrics pages have all been updated with corrections. Much thanks to Drewtetz, Jon Eric, and Gretchen for all of the hard work involved in getting the lyrics pages fixed. You guys rule.

31 December 2003
We asked what would make a better present than fan submissions, and our question was answered: our very first Songfight win! The Frontalittle Squad's song "Merry Christmas" won with 22 votes, blowing away most of the competition. To celebrate, we've gone ahead and uploaded the track-- it's available on the songs page. The track info and lyrics will be available soon, hopefully.
Fan submissions are still being accepted! Send 'em to me at anything we have will be posted when we stop being lazy.

14 December 2003
Christmas approaches, and what would make a better present to your favorite nerdcore squad that starts with "Frontal" and ends with "ittle" than fan things! What kind of things, you ask? Well, we'll take everything! Logos, T-shirts, tribute songs, graven images, anything! Just send it over to, post-haste! If we think it's totally rad and are not lazy, we may even post it here on the site.

28 November 2003
Happy Turkey Day! The Frontalittle Squad's "Accelerator" was quoted on the front page of Penny Arcade today, at the bottom of Tycho's first news post. We're extremely honored, as that italicized tidbit at the bottom of his posts has used such artists as MC Frontalot and the Magnetic Fields, among others, over the years. Could a link to this site be next? Well, maybe not, but we're happy nonetheless.
[EDIT 2003.12.25]: We've been informed that apparently FAL had already been mentioned on Penny Arcade twice before, on October 3 and even as far back as August 27. I guess Tycho's been a fan since the beginning! Thanks to Adjuster of the Landfills for the heads-up.

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