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(The Frontalittle Squad Highly Recommends) Penny Arcade
Download - Instrumental
Released on the Rhymetorrents compilation
Mixed by: Def Author
Samples: John Benjamin Bands' 'Bad Dreams'
Contributors: The Def Author, MC Soda Culture, Savvy1, MC Poncho, J Mase, Captain Mumblecore, Generic, Ken, Plat, Bjam, Puce
Released June 2006

(Def Author)

He takes no crap from these videogame scholars
And he can go from zero to drunk in twenty dollars
Don't tell him what to do, Don't say the way he should live
He's a bad ass mutha, but you can call him Div


I'd like to thank Gabe for making Spiderman loving okay
Just 'cause we're scared of heights doesn't make us gay
I mean, man, some buildings are wicked tall
And I'd rather be in Spidey's arms than die from a fall

(Savvy One)

They met in a Star Wars episode 4 line
Then on 2-17-1999
Gabe popped the question on Penny Arcade
And the comic scores points with the ladies that day

(MC Poncho)

In terms of P.R. this is self-defeating
Are you even thinking, American Greetings?
You must be baked, for Christ's sake!
It's just Strawberry Shortcake


It's Penny Arcade
With Tycho and Gabe
It's the Penny Arcade
They play videogames
And frequently save
It's the Penny Arcade

(J Mase)
Mr Devil, this is note from Blizzard's people
No more using Diablo, Hell, and Evil
To promote your interests, the business cards will have to be reprinted
But your package arrived, you know what's in it


Divx can give sex to my lego wang
(unintelligible) 'cause I hate that game
Can't afford Japan, so we'll go the kitchen
The tube of civilization, now it's totally bitchin'

(Jon Eric)

Now I don't want to live in any housing community
Run by a guy at 25 still going through puberty
And ain't a giant wing wong just a little gay?
Who the fuck elected you mayor here anyway?


Cardboard Tube for a Samurai Sword
Frontalittle slays all in the arcade wars
Like a rescued pig from a shadow lord
Frontalittle faces all for the reigns of the world


lab results are in, without an opponent:
disconnect your x-box gear and disown it.
you might have to feed and bathe and patrol'er,
but a grizzly bear makes a much better controller

(Def Author)

Hide your produce, cover your head
You know you're in for trouble when the antenna's glowing red
Orchards will fall, it's just a matter of time
Cause there's nothing that can stop him,
He's Fruit Fucker Prime!


An imp and a business cat in a top hat
Jacket, waistcoat, tie, take on in combat
Exuberance, insubstantial, very ominous
Twisp and Catsby frolic on with much success


For all the kids that think that commas ain't cool
Well, the Punctuation Bunch are gonna take you to school
And show you that the only time for Caps Lock, my friend
Is when you're spelling "LEEEEEEEROYYYYYYY JENKINS!"

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