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21 July 2004
Hey all, it's soda, straight from the very offices of the camp I'm working at this summer. Despite trying to kill me with insane kids, insaner coworkers, and a nasty bout of strep throat, I'm still alive and will be home in a week and a half. But that's not what's important! What's important is that our pal MC Baccarat has released a track in this week's red fight and I can't listen to it because I'm at camp but I bet it's really good! You should all give it a clickeroo and see what you think, and if you like it, maybe you'd go vote for it before Friday rolls around.

25 June 2004
Frontalittle Squad crashes the Song Fight Live stage! A good time was had by all. Fluffy has done a great job recording, parsing, and bootlegging the show, and you can find those rips of our set here:
Thanks to Fluffy for ripping it, JB, Moboid and Future Boy and the other people who set it up, etc.

08 June 2004
Hey, all you Space Cadets! Mumblecore here, I'll be taking care of the site for the next two months while Soda fulfills his public duty helping children at summer camp. Luckily, I just have to do these news posts and post the songs, otherwise the site might combust or something.
-Mumblecore out

01 June 2004
Surprise! The Frontalittle Squad has completed a new track with some familiar sounds to those of you who, like many of us, have been addicted to the game "Worms" at one time or another. Go check out the new song "Worms" on the songs page and come talk with us about it in the forum.

20 April 2004
Dinga Da Donga! For the first time, a Songfight song has sampled a Frontalittle track instead of the other way around. Check out Songfight's red fight to hear our pals Glenn Case and Drew Tetz (along with the help of others) singing the praises of our very own mo under the name "Dreamy Mo and the Commoners."

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