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14 April 2004
We won! Thanks to everyone for helping Frontalittle win with a stunning 49 votes. The whole Squad is so glad to see that you appreciated the new track and we hope that we can keep entertaining you. Keep checking the site for more stuff soon!

10 April 2004
There are now clean(er) versions of a couple Frontalittle tracks, namely "Step Up" and "Accelerator," available on the songs page. Now you can show your grandparents what all the cool kids are listening to these days-- songs about pink Hondas and Dance Dance Revolution.

09 April 2004
Some of you may have noticed that the forum has ceased to work. Well, maybe none of you did. But I did, and I am looking for the cause of the breakage. It's just like a forum to decide to stop working inexplicably during the middle of the busiest two weeks of the semester, isn't it? Anyway, I'll see if I can get our precious board back up soon.
(edit: 1:55 EST) The source of the problem has been located and our awesome host here at songhole, blue, will be fixing it sometime in the near future. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
(edit: 4:01 EST) It's back up. Thanks blue!

05 April 2004
Frontalittle's back with a phat new track-- Zombie Son, which will be fighting on songfight's green fight whenever they update it (hopefully) on Monday. Make sure that once the fight is up you go listen to the songs and pick which one you think is best, but until then, you can enjoy this. Instrumental is available on the songs page, as always.

04 April 2004
Hey everybody, Evermind of the Frontalittle Squad will be performing with his band "Zero to Heaven" in the Boston area on the 16th. MC Poncho will be there, too, and there's the possibility that the two of them will horribly mutilate perform some of FAL's catalog. If you want to attend, here's the info:

All Asia Cafe
334 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
(617) 497-1544
April 16, 6-8pm

for more information, e-mail Evermind.

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